The Supermeter Feature By The Jackpot 6000

The online casino has become very popular in recent times. In particular the jackpot 6000 is one of the best by far. The jackpot 6000 is basically an online slot machine and it is one of the best on the Internet by far. This slot machine has attracted a very large audience because of the many features that it has to offer. People that love slot games simply cannot get enough of this amazing game.

This slot machine features 3 reels and of course the standard 5 lines to make the game interesting. When compared with other modern slot machines this unique game is a much better option. One of the best features that this slot machine has to offer is called the Supermeter mode. This is a mode that is rarely features by other modern online slot machines.

If you want intense action and fun, this is definitely the slot machine for you. With all of the other features offered by this slot machine there is now way to go wrong.Another very unique feature that this slot machine has to offer players is called heads and tails double up. This is a game that really makes this slot machine stand out from the crowd.